lyrics & activities

my beautiful world


it’s a great day

Hi there, how are you

I hope that you feel as good as I do

There's something in the air

It makes me happy now

Got no trouble, got no care

Cause, seeing you- it's a great day

Being with you- it's a great day

Walking with you- it's a great day

Talking with you- it's a great day

I've got a song in my heart

Wants to fly like a bird

High up in a blue sky

You've got a story to tell

I want to hear it now

And get to know you well


Hi there....

[1st verse]

wherever the children sing

Wherever the children sing…..

Music magic fills the air

It’s a peaceful world right there

It’s the sweetest loving sound

There’s a joy goes ‘round and ‘round, here I go now…

I’ll take a bus, take a boat, I’ll take a train

Take a motorcycle or an aeroplane

Take a car, take a cab, I don’t care

I’ll take a hot air balloon, just get me there

Wherever the children sing…..

It’s a bright and sunny day

All my troubles drift away

I never worry, never despair

I’ll find a way to get me there,   here I go now.…


Wherever the children sing…..

I feel the laughter in my heart

A brand new journey’s about to start

There’s a fire, there’s a glow

There’s a truth for all to know,    here I go now.…


[chorus part 1]

Take a rickshaw, a buggy, or canoe

I’ll ride a donkey, or a bicycle built for two

Roller blades or a skate board, a wheel chair

I’ll even walk a hundred miles

Just to get there …. To get there

Music in the air…’s a peaceful affair

I’ll be there


  1. 1)learn to sing the chorus of the song and make up some hand actions to go with the words. Discuss the joy of singing and how it brings people together.

  2. 2)Collect and share all of your favourite songs to sing

  3. 3)Paint pictures of all the different types of modes of transportation that are listed in the song. Can you come up with more?

penguin shuffle


Penguins line up one by one        

The penguin shuffle has begun

All dressed up in black and white

It’s a penguin party. What a sight!

Flap your wings by your side

Wiggle, waddle, turn and glide

Wiggle, waddle on the spot

Feeling very hot

Now in a circle, round and round

Slipping, sliding on the ground

Dancing in the snow

Do the ‘tippy toe’      mmmmmmm

Penguins line up two by two

Wave to me, I’ll wave to you

Shuffle, shuffle, flippity flop

Let’s do a little penguin hop

[1st chorus]

Penguins line up three by three

On the shoreline by the sea

Penguins going for a swim

Get ready now, we’ll jump right in!

Swimming, swimming round and round

Make a happy splashing sound

Back up to the shore we go

Standing in a row

Dry your wings, shake them loose

Like a duck, like a goose

Shake your head, shake your tail

Like a partridge or a quail

Tuck your head under your wing

Listen to this song I sing

Close your eyes real tight

Cause now it’s time to say good night


  1. 1)Pretend you are a penguin and follow the actions in the song

  2. 2)Collect pictures of the Antarctic and learn about the world of penguins

  3. 3)Paint a mural of penguins in their environment

look who’s in my family

Look who’s in my family

Everybody is there taking care of me

No matter how big, no matter how small

My family loves me, that is all

Mommy likes to brush my hair

Daddy tosses me in the air

My brother he’s a lot of fun

My sister’s always on the run

Grandma lets me jump on her bed

Grandpa lets me climb on his head 

Aunts and uncles, cousins too

They all love me, yes they do

My teacher, my nanny, the parent volunteer

The school bus driver, and the caretaker here

My neighbour, my sitter, the crossing guard

They all care for me and they work so hard

The school secretary, my guardian

The doctor, the nurse, the librarian

The supervisor in our big schoolyard

They all care for me and they work so hard


  1. 1)Learn to sing the song.

  2. 2)Discuss the idea of the extended family and learning to care for others and be aware who in your community is taking care of you.Who are the people who take care of you?

school bus driver

I’m a school bus driver, don’t you know

I take the little children where they have to go

Pick ‘em up, drop ‘em off

Pick ‘em up, drop ‘em off

Moving along

Moving along         beep beep beep beep

I’m a school bus driver going down the road

With a precious cargo, with a precious load

All the little children sitting in the back

I hear their little voices going, “yakety yak”

Sitting in the back going, “yakety yak”           

I’m a school bus driver and I can’t be late

Kids count on me, cause we’ve got a date

Gotta take the little children from A to B

And take good care for their safety, their safety   

I drive this yellow bus from place to place

Every stop I see a familiar face

Get on board! Now find a seat

We’re gonna ‘mosey’ along down the street

School bus driver, school bus driver


  1. 1)Paint a picture of a school bus or create a mural of a school bus traveling to school and picking up children from different stops along the way.

  2. 2)Learn the words to the song and create a play about driving in a school bus. Make some imaginary stops along the way.

  3. 3)Discuss what the school bus driver has to look out for when taking children on board. What are his/her responsibilities? Discuss the meaning of ‘responsibility’.

dancing around the fire


Children enchanted by the burning light

Dancing around the fire

Join in the circle and hold on tight

We’re dancing around the fire

Long, long ago, when first man walked the earth

And treasured the gift of fire

Warming the body and warming the heart

Lifting the spirit much higher

And day by day the sun brightens our way

We are learning for more understanding

Learning to see beyond ourselves

The circle of light expanding

Fireworks blossom and burst in the night

Wonder and joy and elation

One little flame of the candle light

Holding a strange fascination

This little guiding light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine


Learn to sing the song. Celebrate the joy of learning. Create a circle dance to perform at your school assembly.

lugar bonito (pretty place)

On the road of life I travel

Looking forward never back

Looking to the dreams before me

Leaving old dreams in my track

Lugar bonito, bonito

It’s a pretty place I’ve seen

Lugar bonito, bonito

Where this love is taking me

Earth is barren where I come from

But it’s green to where I go

How I’ll get there I’m not certain

When I get there I will know

Long and lonely, hard and dusty

Is this road I walk upon

But the journey’s end gets nearer

Hear the calling of the song


  1. 1)learn to sing the chorus of the song

  2. 2)‘lugar bonito’ means ‘pretty place’ in Spanish. Can you think of a pretty place that you can talk about and share with your class mates?

  3. 3)Create a time-line and show different stops where something special happened in your life, such as: learned to tie your shoes, learned to spell you name, etc.

pots & pans

When I was just a boy

I loved to make some noise

Mama’s kitchen pots and pans

Were my favourite toys

Pots and pans

Pots and pans

I loved to play my drums

On the pots and pans  

She’d rummage through the cupboard

And put them on the floor

And said that I could play with them

After she closed the door

I loved the clang and clatter

I loved the bouncy beat

And I could feel the rhythm

From my head down to my feet

Now take a rhythm stick

And you can play along

Tap a happy rhythm

To this happy little song

Listen to the beat

You can tap it on the floor

Everybody ready, now

One, two, one two three four!


  1. 1)learn to sing the chorus of the song

  2. 2)using rhythm sticks, play along with this bouncy song – especially in the part where Jack sings ‘you can play along…’

  3. 3)make up and explore some rhythms using different kinds of found objects

veggie dip doo wah

Veggie dip – doo wah  - Veggie dip – doo wah

Veggie dip – doo wah  - Veggie dip -  doo wah

Veggie dip – doo wah  - Veggie dip -  doo wah

Veggie dip – doo wah,  doo wah

Broccoli & zucchini

Cauliflower & rapine

Celery, red beets & string beans

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Yam, yam, sweat potato

Artichoke, fresh tomato

Cucumber, Swiss chard, avocado

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Lima beans & kohlrabi

Sauerkraut & green parsley

Paprika, Brussels sprouts & plantain

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Leafy lettuce and a parsnip

Dandelion and a turnip

Bok choy, sweet corn on the cob

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Crunchy carrot, green spinach

Belgian endive and a cabbage

Bell peppers, egg plant and a radish

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Asparagus and an onion

Butternut squash and an olive

Little lentils, soy beans and fresh kale

Peas, peas, peas, peas


  1. 1)learn to sing the chorus of the song

  2. 2)can you  paint or draw pictures of all the vegetables listed in the song?

  3. 3)What other vegetables can you think of?

home-made cooking

My my my! How I love that apple pie

Mommy makes a special treat

And bakes us something good to eat

My my my, how I love that apple pie    m m m

Oh oh oh! I love spaghettio

Granny's got a recipe all the way from Italy

Mommy makes a special treat

And bakes us something good to eat

Oh oh oh! I love spaghettio            m m m

Home-made cooking, home-made cooking

How we love home-made cooking

Mmm, so delicious!

Nothing like home-cooked dishes

Whoop, whoop-i-doo! My daddy's cooking too

Daddy makes an Irish stew

Taste so good for me and you

Granny's got a recipe all the way from Italy

Mommy makes a special treat

And bakes us something good to eat

Whoop, whoop-i-doo! My daddy's cooking too      m m m

Ee-yay, ee-yay, ee-yay-oh         

Hey hey hey! It's pizza day today

My sister makes it oh so nice

Tangy, cheesy, lots of spice

Daddy makes an Irish stew

Taste so good for me and you

Granny's got a recipe all the way from Italy

Mommy makes a special treat

And bakes us something good to eat

Hey hey hey! It's pizza day today     m m m


  1. 1)learn to sing the chorus of the song

  2. 2)share some simple recipes that children can use that can be considered home made cooking

  3. 3)discuss and explore the importance of good nutrition

mediterranean sea

(love reaches everywhere)

Once long ago on the coast of Sicily

A magical feeling came over me

As I tossed a skipping stone

Into the Mediterranean Sea

Driftwood and paddle, an oar, a broken mast

In my imagination I hear echoes of the past

How many souls have sailed

On the Mediterranean Sea?

And all of the lands with shores of white sands

Hear all the children playing

Laughter so fair, comfort and care

Love reaches everywhere

Painters and potters and poets with their rhymes

The traces and glimpses of life in ancient times

Connecting you and me to the Mediterranean Sea

All of the lands with shores of white sands

Mothers with babes gently swaying

Like waves on the sea, mist in the air

Love reaches everywhere

[1st verse]

All of the lands with shores of white sands

Fathers are dancing and singing

Songs from the past, stories that last

Love reaches everywhere


1)on a world map find the Mediterranean Sea and locate and identify all the countries bordering on it

discuss the concept of how people around the world may speak different languages, and appear to be different from each other in many ways but list how we are all the same. What does ‘love reaches everywhere’ mean to you?

pet song

If I had a little puppy dog

A yappy happy little puppy dog

I would take him on a daily walk

All around the block         grrrwoooof!

If I had a little pussy cat

A furry purry little pussy cat

I would tickle underneath her chin

She would purr and grin        meouw!

And every day you know I'd treat it nice

Everyday I'd feed it once or twice

I would take good care, you bet

Of my real live pet

If I had a little parakeet

A talkie squawky little parakeet

I would study and admire him

Sitting on his limb      polly want a cracker?

If I had a little guinea pig

A lazy crazy little guinea pig

I would let him sit on my lap

For a little nap      squeek, squeek!

But if I had a little crocodile

A happy snappy little crocodile

I would take him to the local zoo

Betcha you would too!   


  1. 1)discuss all the things one needs to do when taking care of a pet

  2. 2)what other kinds of pets can you think of? Collect pictures of all different kinds of animals as pets.

3) Bring a pet into the classroom

lady bug

Ladybug, ladybug, been away so song

The winter is over, the snow is gone

The flowers are growing, leaves in the trees

Ladybug, come back please

Ladybug, ladybug, where did you go?

In your little red coat, I missed you so

When you sit on my shoulder, just to say ‘hello’

Ladybug, don’t you go

Ladybug flying in the sky

Let the four winds carry you, away up high

To far away places, just remember then

To fly back home again

Ladybug, ladybug, resting on my arm

I heard somebody say

You’re a good luck charm

You’re a busy little beetle, you make me smile

Ladybug, stay a while


1) learn about lady bugs. Collect pictures.

make a lady bug costume and create a ‘lady bug play’


A very small caterpillar crawled

On the branches of a tree

With tiny little feet

It was looking for green leaves to eat

The caterpillar grew and grew

Bigger everyday

And when it had enough to eat

It began to search for a place to stay

To sleep and hide away

Sunlight in the day

And by the light of the moon

The little caterpillar

Spun a soft white cocoon

A tiny sleeping bag

It snuggled deep inside

Sleeping and dreaming

Then one day a wondrous thing happened

The caterpillar woke up from its long sleep

And struggled very hard to break out

Of the shell of the cocoon

But it didn’t look like a caterpillar at all

Do you know what came out?    - “butterfly”

Yes, It changed into a butterfly

And spread its wings and flew away

“Beautiful butterfly!”

bedtime bolero

      (a song for parents)

Every night when we put the children to bed

I’m singing the ‘Bedtime Bolero’ in my head

It’s a time that grown-ups with children sometimes dread

Kids, they want to stay up late

With discussion and debate

Even though it’s way past eight

They can’t stop, they hesitate

There’s so much they want to play

Just can’t wait another day

So little time, so much to do

Just one more game of ‘peek a-boo’

It’s a contest of wills, a test of parenting skills

It’s a TV reality show with all of the frills

And it feels like a carnival time down in Brazil

Now it’s time to take a bath

Don’t forget to brush your teeth

And you need to wash your hair

Wash behind your ears right there

Into your ‘jammies’, there you go

Off to bed now, don’t be slow

I’ll read a story, let’s begin

I’ll fluff your pillow, tuck you in

Every night it’s a drama, a comic event 

It’s a Broadway production in a three-ringed circus tent

I’m the juggler, contortion artist all twisted and bent

Sing another lullaby

No more tears now, don’t you cry

Here’s your teddy from the shelf

Can you tuck him in yourself?

Now it’s time to go to sleep

Don’t want to hear another peep

Close your eyes and dream away

Tomorrow is another day

Go to sleep…..Good night

(more activities to come.....)

all music & lyrics written by jack grunsky  p WOOD ROOSTER MUSIC, SOCAN

except where noted

cut & paste lyrics into your word file to print out