my beautiful world


I've been blessed with a gift. More than 25 years ago my life path, 'my beautiful world', has pointed me towards the noble task of making music for young children. It has been a journey of love and enlightenment as I have been given a chance to see the world through the eyes of a child. When I reflect on the photo of my grand-daughter, dancing on the beach with her arms out-stretched, she appears to be enthralled in her own little world and at the same time at one with the universe. With these songs, which I dedicate to children the world over, I hope to inspire that same feeling of joy and enchantment and to see themselves in a beautiful world.    -  Jack Grunsky


“It’s a gently rollicking record, just right for a soundtrack for warm spring days”                           - Diane Peters - City Parent


it’s a great day

wherever the children sing

penguin shuffle

look who’s in my family

school bus driver

dancing around the fire

lugar bonito (pretty place)

pots & pans

veggie dip doo wah

home-made cooking

mediterranean sea

mayim (water)

pet song

lady bug


bedtime bolero


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2006 JUNO Award Winner