room to move



"Songs that are both thoughtful and vibrant, with infectious Latin-tinged grooves; some really hot playing too, and I have to tell you I've been singing the chorus to 'All We Want' all day!"  

                          Marie-Lynn Hammond  - Canadian singer songwriter/ playwright

songs & tracks

all we want

pardon me

two travellers

backyards of my old hometown

laughter & tears

clearance sale

jet fuel

fire in the sky

if & when

lazy trombone


il terrazzo

adult contemporary / jazz-a-nova

featured musicians

   jack grunsky

  1.    vocals, keyboards, guitar,

  2.    accordion, percussion,  

  3.    berimbau,

   mark kelso

  1.    drums

   Matt horner

  1.    piano & synth

   henry heillig

  1.    bass

   john johnson

  1.    tenor saxophone &

  2.    flute

   Perry white

  1.    tenor saxophone &

  2.    bass clarinet

  3. william carn

  4.   trombone

  5. colleen allen

  6.    soprano, tenor & baritone

  7.    saxophones

  8. lorne nehring

  9.   additional drums

  10. lenny graf

  11.   woodwinds

  12. ravi naimpally

  13.   tablas

  14. cosima, hertha grunsky & maru rodriguez

  15.   vocals