partout où les

enfants chantent


National Parenting Publications Award (Honors) 2009

The title of this CD means “the children sing everywhere.” What more could you ask for? I know – a masterfully produced CD in French, sung by Jack Grunsky. The orchestration is guitar and percussion, with very pretty melodies that are both sweet and easygoing. Whether you speak French or not, this whimsical CD will elate and enamor children and grown-ups with its “feel good” sound.


les chansons

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     Jack’s french CD

“Jack has truly captured the hearts of Playground listeners!  Every single song on the album is a delight to listen to both in the car and at home, and is worth keeping around! The album features many well known nursery rhymes and French tunes with a cozy feel and some great guitar.  On your first listen, I would suggest "Sur Le Pont d'Avignon," and "Siyanibingelela- Um mot African," to get a good feel for the album, but after that it's all fair game!” 

– Sweet D   WERS 88.9fm  BOSTON, MA