like a flower to the sun



“Let’s take a walk around the world/ there’s so much to see.” From the start of this beautiful new CD, veteran children’s singer Jack Grunsky invites listeners into a mellow, spirit-lifting musical celebration of life, from the rhythms of the earth and the joy of growing things to summer daydreams and the blowing wind.    

                                                - Lynne Heffley - Parents’ Choice  2004

“This flower is worth picking: there’s a world of music here for ears of all ages”                             - Eric Thom - Today’s Parent   2004

“Jack Grunsky’s 20 years of experience in creating, performing and recording music for young children show once again on his latest CD. There is nothing haphazard or careless about Like A Flower To The Sun; instead it is a carefully crafted journey, both physical and spiritual, that takes kids into their own imaginations, their own bodies, and around the world through rhythm, sound and melody.”         - Deanne Fisher - City Parent  2003

  environmental themes

          &  creative movement


walk around the world

rhythm of the land

like a flower to the sun

da da da, do do do

i work all day

boots & bandanas



earth dance

lazy island melody


camel walk

the wind

seeds for my garden

hands dancing

dolphins & whales

water cycle song

big blue ball

so long

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“Mellow-voiced singer-songwriter Jack Grunsky engages listeners in a Raffi-like affirmation of the natural world and simple pleasures, with a few sly messages about electronic media mania and how people “work all day just to make a little pay.” From the first track (“Let’s take a walk around the world / There’s so much to see”) to “So Long,” the soft jazz farewell, the collection is filled with melodic and lyric sophistication, and heart.”    - Los Angeles Times, Aug. 2004

     2003 JUNO nominee