hoppin’ socks



Multiple JUNO award-winner, Jack Grunsky, has released his 15th recording for children; this time bringing his singing daughter, Cosima, into the spotlight.   

Titled after the song, "Hoppin’ Socks", a throw back to the 50’s rock’n’roll era, the new CD underlines Grunsky's belief in the importance of active music making for children, to make them happy, self-respecting beings. Most of the songs were written and arranged for dual vocals, bringing to mind famous groups like the Everly Brothers or Sonny & Cher. It was an obvious choice for Jack to invite his daughter to the task. Cosima has been singing on Jack’s recordings and performing in his stage band since she was 9 years old and is now a children’s performer and recording artist in her own right.

For this new collection of songs, Jack has once again drawn on various musical genres and styles ranging from folk ballad to samba to reggae to Latin dance grooves. Revisiting his youth and musical influences rooted in the 50’s and early 60’s, he has pulled out his electric guitar, putting a rockabilly and country blues spin on numerous tracks. In adopting these old-time sounds and rhythms, he has produced and written some joyful, child-friendly tunes with fun-packed lyrics sure to delight youngsters and grown-ups alike.

Overall, this musical offering is about celebrating family life; from a new baby to child’s play and exploring something new, experiencing life changes, best friends, pets and bumpy rides and a loving tribute to grandparents with a funky tune called ‘Groovy Grandparents’. Cosima’s voice compliments Jack’s in duets like ‘Come And Play’, ‘Look Up’, ‘Mama’s New Baby’ or ‘My Best Friend’, and she soars when she sings solo in “Just A Walk In The Park’, or ‘Take Good Care’.


come and play

look up

something new

hoppin’ socks

mama’s new baby


rockabilly kids

my best friend

i wanna iguana

summer time

moon & stars

groovy grandparents

bumpy ride

just a walk in the park

i love you, good night

take good care


            released April 2011

daddy & daughter duo
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