catchy tune



- iParenting award  2008
- Parents’ Choice Silver Award
- 2008 JUNO nominee


show time

child of the universe

chika chika - ‘catchy tune

a happy beat

buskers & clowns

cajun & zydeco

crest of the wave


choo choo

gato negro

sunrise in the jungle

bouncing ball


wind in the rainforest


go well stay well

“Considerable bounce, happy rhythms and a "we are one" Raffi-like vibe inform veteran children's singer-songwriter Jack Grunsky's aptly named new CD. "Buskers & Clowns," a tribute to the power of words ("Poetry"), and a dream-time trip to "Brazil" with a sunny, yesteryear glow, are a few unexpected treats. Another is the haunting beauty of "Wind in the Rainforest," featuring traditional instrumentation and subtle vocals and Grunsky's simple, sweet guitar farewell, "Go Well Stay Well."      

                                                                                          Lynne Heffley   ©2008 Parents' Choice

One of Canada’s masters of children’s music is back......he is truly a master, particularly of the sweeping, epic song. I get lost in the vast ‘Child Of The Universe’”               Diane Peters   - Toronto City Parent 2008

“he produces some of the most pleasant, kid-friendly, globally conscious and musically diverse music for families that you will find. ... I think Grunsky’s success is directly tied to a few key understandings. Simply put, he knows kids.”                                    Fred Koch  -  Chicago City Parent  Oct. 2008

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