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Thank you so much for your immense contributions to the world of children's music”  -  music teacher, Waterloo, ON

“Jack’s music is exuberant…a gift to young listeners and their parents who will follow Grunsky on a wondrous trip through their own imaginations. Jack makes explorers of us all, guiding us down new roads toward an awakening of the spirit.”                  -  Elly Barlin-Daniels –parent

"most recently, I've introduced 'You're never alone' to my kindergarten class:) Feeling Blessed to have meaningful words put to music, which I can share with my kids!"   - Monica Sass - Kindergarten teacher

jack grunsky

concerts for children & family audiences

  ECE music workshop presenter / composer & singer songwriter / music producer

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Miami In Mind

  1. Bullet‘Share‘   The Recess Music album

       CD compilation of various children’s

artists on the ‘Best Foot Forward Music Series’

Jack’s song ‘SOMETHING TO SHARE’ is the first track.

  1. Bulletsoon to be released!

  Jack’s 4th NuJazz (smooth jazz) CD

       ‘Miami In Mind’

  1.        instrumental music

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